News from Music Class (Second Quarter)

Holiday Performances

Thank you for sharing this quarter’s biggest accomplishment!
Public performances are pretty unique to the Arts- not many other subjects include performing in their state and national standards! Thank you to all who were able to attend our December performance. Preparations kept students at all grade levels busy this quarter. Central’s theme was “A Christmas Wish,” with songs about the presents Santa might bring us as well as our hopes and dreams for the world. Warren’s theme was “Snowflakes in the Air,” featuring songs about winter weather and the holiday season. I think my favorite part of these performances is the way they bring our entire school community together. I was so pleased with the hard work students put into rehearsing and how they overcame any nervousness to put on an excellent concert. Thank you for encouraging our young musicians! (By the way, video downloads are still available at the cost of $5.)

Greetings from the Student Teacher

My name is Brian Rogge. I have played violin for fourteen years, and I am completing my Bachelor of Music Education degree from MSU – Bozeman. I am student teaching with Mrs. Nyhof for seven weeks; then I will be at Helena and Capital High Schools for orchestra with Zach Harris.
After graduating in May, I hope to teach orchestra in a public school and teach violin lessons. My passion is showing students joy and fulfillment through music.

Sing, Say, Dance, Play

We experience music in a multitude of ways!
In lower grades, students focus primarily on three things in music class: singing in tune, keeping a steady beat, and the “art part”. The “art part” is all about expressing themselves creatively and finding the emotion in music.
In upper grades, students continue to master tuneful singing, steady beat, and artful expression while we add music literacy. Music literacy is a focus on reading and writing rhythms and melodies.
In music class, we explore the many aspects of music through singing, speaking, movement, and instrument playing. Ask your child about what they did in music class this week!

Items of Note:

  • Coming Soon: 4th and 5th grade students will tackle the recorder.
  • Music in Our Schools Month: Get ready to celebrate in the month of March!
  • Music Master: I just finished my Masters degree with my friend Miss Skogley from Broadwater!

01.18.18 Music Newsletter 2nd Quarter